Consultation for Educators

The need for experienced consultation services that provide research data, detailed analysis and data-driven recommendations designed to meet identified goals is growing.

With the current challenges in the realm of higher ed, educational institutions must find ways to improve the preparedness of its students, retain students through graduation and attract new students who appropriately respect and represent the goals and achievements of the institution. Other community development organizations face similar challenges – funding, volunteers, staff, community partnership and engagement, fulfilling the mission, governance and performance measurement. No matter how you splice it, someone is always looking over your shoulder, wanting a report and an outcome that only you know how to make happen.

And, more than that, you have to be unique – offer different and diverse programming – and excel above all others. This is where we come in. Our consultation services provide specific value-added programs, policies and procedures designed explicitly for you. Cookie cutter programs won’t work when parents or funders are comparing competing programs to yours.

Over the years, we’ve been involved in a plethora of organizations … here are just a few of our successes:

  • United States:
    • Young Leadership Council, Power Ties Program
    • Louisiana State Bar Association, Diversity Committee, SUIT UP! for the Future High School Legal Internship & Institute Program
    • World Affairs Council of New Orleans
    • University of New Orleans, Student Support Services
    • Anti-Bullying Project of New Orleans
    • Hate Crimes Project of New Orleans
    • University of New Orleans, Women’s Center
    • River Region Hospice (now St. Joseph’s Hospice)
    • East Jefferson General Hospital, Stroke Survivor Group
    • Tulane School of Social Work
  • Europe:
    • Institute for European Studies (Belgium)
    • United Business Institutes (Belgium & Luxembourg)

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