Speaking Engagements

Sheila engages a variety of audiences across the world, from New Orleans, Louisiana to Brussels, Belgium, garnering positive feedback and repeat attendees. Her topics range from motivational speaking, to improvement of professional skills, to coaching on a larger scale.

Below are a select few notable speaking engagements Sheila completed in the last few years.*

A random list of Sheila’s previous Speaking Engagements

  • Technology for Collaborative Communication (ongoing) (New Orleans Paralegal Association)
  • “Preparing for the Unknown” Series (ongoing) (Social Work CEU Seminar)
  • Same‐Sex Marriage in the Louisiana Workplace (ongoing) (Social Work CEU Seminar)
  • Annual Professionalism Convocations (ongoing) (Loyola and Tulane Law Schools)
  • Now, more than ever: Living a healthy life during COVID19 and beyond! (05/2020 | Louisiana State Bar Association)
  • Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives & Living Wills, OH MY! (04/2020 | Louisiana State Bar Association)
  • Be Culturally Competent! Training on Competency Re LGBTQ Clients & Colleagues (02/2020 | ABA YLD)
  • LGBTQ Cultural Competency for Lawyers (10/2019 | ABA YLD)
  • Motivational Speaker for Creative Entrepreneurs: Strategic Planning, Intellectual Property & Your Brand (06/2017 | MYP Conference)
  • Faculty and Staff Brown Bag Colloquium – Working & Studying Abroad: What Law Students Need to Know (04/2017 | Loyola Law School)
  • On Being an International Lawyer (03/2017 | Loyola Law School)
  • Keynote Welcome and Introduction: Karl Hennessee, SVP Litigation and Investigations, Airbus (11/2016 | LawTech Europe Congress, Brussels)
  • Panel Moderator: Competition Investigations – Technology Perspectives from the
    Heads of IT and Legal (11/2016 | LawTech Europe Congress, Brussels)
  • Multi‐jurisdictional Lawyering: From New Orleans to Brussels (10/2016 | Orange Investment, Brussels)
  • Why Study Law? (10/2016 | Higher Education Day, British School of Brussels High School)
  • Introduction to European Union Law (01/2015 | Loyola Law School, New Orleans)
  • MAC Committee Panel for Accreditation with NVAO (10/2014 | Vesalius College, Brussels)
  • Effective Time & Organizational Management (10/2014 | UBI Brussels, UBI Luxembourg)
  • Ethics and International Marketing (10/2014 | UBI Brussels)
  • International Human Rights and the Internet (10/2014 | UBI Brussels)
  • Lawyering in the EU: A Comparative Perspective of Multi‐jurisdictional practice in the EU and in the US (07/2014 | University of Vienna | Co‐taught with Professor Dane Ciolino, Loyola Law)
  • Introduction to EU Competition Law (05/2014 | UBI, Brussels)
  • International Human Rights (07/2013 | University of Vienna)
  • SUIT UP! Global Lawyering in the EU and US (06/2013 | LSBA) (Grant‐based)
  • Advance Directives: What you (and your clients) need to know (Social Work CEU Seminar) (01/24/2012 | River Region Hospice)
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney & Advance Directives (04/25/2012 | EJGH Stroke Survivor Group)
  • SUIT UP! High School Legal Institute & Internship, Founder (2010 – 2014 | LSBA) (Grant‐based)
  • Power Ties, Project Leader (2010 – 2013 | Young Leadership Council) (Grant‐based)
  • Skills Courses: Law Office Management (2010 – 2012 | Loyola Law School)

* This list does not include full academic courses taught in the context of a regular semester/term, whether in the US or Abroad. For a list of those courses, locations and dates, please send a request here.