Our Team

Our professional, experienced team can help you in a variety of ways. Our emphasis as that “in-between” firm is just one way we allow you to manage a dispute before jumping into a long, drawn-out battle.

  • We can help you by guiding your issue towards resolution or help you fix the issue before it gets worse.
  • If the problem is already ongoing and you’re looking for a change in leadership or someone to help you resolve an already rolling battle, we can still help.

Above all, though, we offer you a holistic consultation before making a big decision. We strive to provide you with tailored services and a reputation you can count on.

Our offices in Louisiana and in Belgium are by appointment only, but no worries – we might be able to travel to you. We believe flexibility is the key to productive representation.

Our Team

  • Sheila M. Wilkinson, Esq.*
  • Jacqueline K. Hammack, Esq.** (Passion: Birth Justice)
  • Phillip Dodson^ (Passion: User Interaction/User Experience UI/UX, Assistive Design and Accessibility Technology)
  • Kathleen Davis^ (Passion: Economic Evaluation, Small Business Success)
  • Katherine Swartout^ (Passion: International and European Law, International Commerce)
  • Catherine Wilkinson^ (Passion: Education & Sciences)

 * Attorney at Law, Licensed in Louisiana; Primary Office Based in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area (Metairie, Jefferson Parish); Conseiller juridique, Consultante et Professeur (en personne physique), Belgium
 ** Attorney at Law, Licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi; Primary Office Based in Hattiesburg, MS (Independent Counsel)
^ Not an attorney