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You’re in the right place if you are:

  • an owner (or future owner!) of a solo or small business that provides services to clients or customers
  • a service-based professional who needs a contract drafted, or needs legal advice about a contract
  • an entrepreneur who needs guidance about how to make a business dream a reality
  • a creative who wants help with figuring out how to turn your gifts and skills into a sustainable business
  • a Louisiana resident who is interested in getting legal documents set up (like Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, Living Wills)

While we’ve worked with tons of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals over the years, we love helping and empowering our LGBT and BIPOC clients the most! 

Legal Services

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Forming a new business can be hectic, and moving it across borders is no exception. All of the choices and issues can be overwhelming. We offer you the security of taking time to sit down with you, evaluate your goals together and help you build and review your business plan. We’re beside you each step of the way. We can incorporate your business, handle all the initial paperwork and even act as your Registered Agent. We will even coach you to make sure it’s done right to start with!

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You worked hard to create your trademark, your logos and your branding – you need to protect it. The first step of protection is at the local level; this will give you immediate protection. Then, we can help you register your intellectual property at the federal and international levels and protect your legal rights long after the registration paperwork is complete. We’ll keep you apprised of renewal dates, send reminders and offer to help when we can. We recognize that your intellectual property is your livelihood, let us help you keep it safe.

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We can help you by reviewing contracts and other agreements, or by creating tailored contracts for vendors, customers and clients, employees, sales representatives, independent contractors and more. Do you have a contract dispute? Check out our Mediation and Arbitration services, or, contact us for a consultation.

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Powers of Attorney & Mandate Agreements
These describe in detail your specific intent for a certain person to manage your affairs should something happen to you, rendering you unable to take care of your finances, medical needs or day-to-day life responsibilities. Learn more here.

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Living Wills are sometimes called “Advance Medical Directives,” but in Louisiana, these two terms are actually very different. Living Wills are for your physical health, while Advance Medical Directives are for your mental health. Learn more here.

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Child Custody Mandates are especially helpful when families are non-traditional. You must take the necessary steps to make sure that the person you choose is treated as an equal when it comes to your kids. Learn more here.

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Disposition of Remains Directives allow you to decide who will manage your remains when you pass away. Learn more here.


Wills are not always as simple as they should be, but we want to help make the process as smooth as possible. Making arrangements and deciding who gets what now is quite possibly the best gift you can give your loved ones when you are gone. Learn more here.

Okay. Seriously. You’ve read enough.

You know what you are trying to achieve, so let’s get to it! We’ll work out your options and next steps together, but first, we need to actually talk to each other so we can work out the plan.

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