Why Us?


  1. Let us know how we can help you
  2. We’ll review your contact request within 24 business hours of receipt. If your request is in line with our services and capacity, we’ll do a pre-vetting behind the scenes, which can take another 12-24 business hours.
  3. Once we review all of the information from our pre-vetting process, if it looks like we could work together, then we’ll reach out by email to schedule a 90-minute consult. We’ll request additional information and documentation and we’ll give you a deadline to submit that to us. Please respect the deadline.
  4. If you meet the deadline, then we’ll review your information and documentation. This will all be done prior to our consult. We want to be prepared when we meet.
  5. The consult will either be by phone or in-person and is considered part of the actual “vetting” process. We’ll discuss your concerns and needs, but we’ll also have a ton of questions for you. This is your opportunity to “vet” us, too, so come prepared and be prepared to answer hard questions.
  6. If, after the consult, it looks like we can and should work together, then we’ll go from there with next steps. Every client is different, so be ready to brainstorm together and to execute a plan of action immediately.


Make no mistake — choosing a legal representative is a big deal. Learning all you can about the lawyers, their staff and what they worked on prior to your new attorney/client relationship is important. We want you to be informed, and we want you to choose us because you trust us.

Rule 1.18 of the Rules of Professional Conduct specifically lays out the duties of attorneys regarding prospective clients. In fact, the entire set of Rules outlines the guidelines of the attorney/client relationship. We invite you to review them and to understand our commitment to your representation. Visit the Louisiana State Bar Association’s “Public Resources” for more information.

Allow us to serve you, and to treat you with respect — just like you deserve.


In a big firm, you (and your bill) might get lost in the fray, but not here.

  1. We resolve to be fair and clear in our billing
  2. We will form a written agreement before we start working with you
  3. We will periodically inform you of your balance, our work and the charges we may have had since the last invoice

We understand (especially in these hard economic times) that sometimes we need alternatives to the “regular hourly billing” so typical of those big firms. We offer a variety of billing methods and options for payment, negotiated with you on a case-by-case basis. We have set aside a limited number of “Sliding Scale” clients (based on income and situation, with proof required), and repeat clients may be offered our “Name Your Price” billing. The requirement to pay costs and expenses varies from client to client, thus, we do all we can to make our relationship with you as easy and effective as possible.

In addition to hourly and flat fees for specific services, we also offer monthly packages, where you pay a flat amount per month for a certain level of services. We’ll give you all your options when we meet.

Our mission is to keep you informed and to be the best legal partner possible.


Online account management is just one more way our firm strives to keep you informed and to help make your relationship with us as easy as possible. We offer flexible payment options and even take credit cards!


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