LGBT Rights

Same-Sex Marriage is now legal in all 50 states, but there’s still plenty of work to do – and plenty of places where we aren’t equal in the eyes of the law.

We’re not “like” family … we are family.

Non-traditional families require non-traditional remedies. We focus our energy on serving our lesbian, gay, bi and trans community’s diverse legal needs. We provide consistent and discreet dedication to our LGBT community and strive to provide the legal resources we all so desperately need.

All around town, you’re seeing new firms popping up, conveniently ready to take our money our LGBT issues on, now that we’ve gained traction in the courts. But here’s the scoop: we were one of the first firms, of three firms in Louisiana, years ago, that came out and publicly represented LGBT individuals, couples and their businesses. We were here when our fight began and we’ll be here once we’ve won.

For our LGBT clients, we offer all of the individual, business and other general services already listed on our site. But, with LGBT issues, we need a few extra tweaks here and there to help us protect our families and our businesses. Contact us today for a consultation.

Why Choose Us?

We understand

We understand how LGBT legal needs differ from those of mainstream society. The legal issues which plague our LGBT community are endless. In the eyes of the law, our partners are not always deemed “equals” and the decisions we make are constantly shrouded by a cloud of uncertainty.

While Project Coordinators at the Hate Crimes and Anti-Bullying Projects in New Orleans, we saw and experienced first-hand the lack of legal services in the metro New Orleans area. When we attempted to find specialized one-on-one legal resources in our city for our LGBT community, we were met with a dead-end. Though there are several “big name” law firms out there suddenly providing services for our diverse family, know that we were here first, and that we offer the ability for you to contact us directly even when the hours aren’t “traditional.” Your life doesn’t end when you leave work — in fact, it just begins — and we understand that.

We’re flexible

We know how difficult it is to explain to your employer that you need time off to go see your lawyer. Unfortunately, we also know how much more difficult it is to explain why. So, for our LGBT clients, we offer non-traditional hours and are willing to travel to you. Because our office hours are by appointment only, we are able to offer you the flexible services very few other firms are able to provide.

You shouldn’t go without the legal security you deserve simply because you want to keep your life private. Weekend and evening hour appointments are usually available with at least two weeks’ notice. Emergency requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

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