Landlord/Tenant issues are not uncommon; sometimes, a simple dispute between tenants and landlords can become heated.

  • Landlords/Land Owners
    Do you need help drafting your leases, instituting eviction proceedings or managing insurance disputes or disruptive neighbors? We can help you with these and a variety of other issues which result from owning and managing property. Contact us to see how we can help you.
  • Tenants
    We offer you the security of knowing your landlords will uphold to their end as well. A safe, comfortable and welcoming living environment is imperative to our community’s progress, and we want to help keep up that balance. If you are having issues with your landlord, contact us today for a consultation.

See our Mediation and Arbitration section.

Commercial leases are complex and often contain a myriad of do’s and don’ts. One slight change in a clause can drastically affect your rights. Let us review your potential commercial lease while it’s still in the development and negotiation stages and recommend your next step.

Property Ownership Agreements lay out how property is owned, shared and managed. They allow you to put in writing how you and your partner (in any relationship – personal or business) own your property together, and are imperative for tax and estate planning. If you don’t put the agreement in writing, then a court is generally going to follow the money – and that might not be in everyone’s best interest. Don’t wait to explain how it works – do it now.