Coaching for Service-Based Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Creatives

You’re in the right place if you are looking for coaching and are:

  • an owner (or future owner!) of a small business that provides creative or legal services to clients
  • an entrepreneur who needs guidance about how to make a business dream a reality
  • a creative who wants help with figuring out how to turn your gifts and skills into a sustainable business

Let’s do this!

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Coaching + Setting Prices for Services

I take you where you are – from scared-y cat to “I can do this!” to “I DID IT!”

I work directly with you to give you the proven, in-depth and creative processes that I’ve been building and using for my own business and my clients for 20+ years.


Over a six week period, through one-on-one sessions, I will guide you through specific and structured steps designed to identify issues that are holding you back and to get you exactly where you want to go – whatever that looks like. This is about you and what you want, and this isn’t a cookie-cutter solution.

Together, we walk through the steps of “figuring it out” – whatever “it” is – so you can get past “it” and get happy … maybe by starting down the path to make the money you dream of or to start to live your life in a way that you want.

Whatever your end goal, my process will leave you confident about:

  • what you bring to the table
  • overcoming the barriers to your own success
  • turning your weaknesses into opportunities
  • living for your life, and not only for your business or career

At the end of the process, you’ll have an intuitive, realistic and easy-to-follow 10-Year Plan with all the tasks and time periods set up to make that happen.

The 10-Year Plan can be for whatever you want – business, personal, professional – so you know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there – only going where you want to go!

I want to help you put yourself first. Build the life you want. That way, you can be there for others when they need you.

I take people where they are, with all their good, bad and uglies … you are who you are.

Together, we’ll determine where you want to go and I’ll be there the whole way to help you build that plan! You’ve got this! And better yet, you’ve got ME. Let’s schedule some time to talk about what success looks like for you.

We’ve all been there … maybe you’re brand new, or have been feeling resentment towards your clients, knowing or thinking you don’t charge enough. Or, maybe you’re insecure, unsure, and concerned about getting a scary “NO” from someone about hiring. Or, maybe, you just need confirmation of what you’re charging is the RIGHT amount. You might find yourself asking:

  • What services should I offer?
  • I hate doing {_____}! But what if I don’t do {_____}? Will I be able to be successful?
  • Shouldn’t I just take everything that walks in the door to keep things afloat?
  • How much do I charge?
  • How do I make the money I want?
  • If only I could find that sweet spot to make the right amount of money with the right amount of clients … but is that possible? (hint: the answer is YES!)

All of these thoughts and questions are NORMAL for any service-based business, creative or entrepreneur.

And these thoughts and questions don’t just happen to newbies … even veteran professionals ask these questions.

So, we created a tool that helps you set your prices and then check your gut. It’ll provide you with clarity and confidence and once you do it, you’ll have your first (or maybe last!) fee schedule! Yes, it really is as simple as that.

Okay. Seriously. You’ve read enough.

You know what you want. So let’s get to it!

Reach out and let’s get you on your way! Click here to contact Sheila and schedule a complimentary coaching consult session.