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Do you feel like you never have enough time in the day to get everything done? Do you feel you’re constantly on the verge of a breakdown, ready to throw your hands in the air, ready to walk away from it all, because you simply don’t feel in control of your life, your schedule, your time? We get it. Really.

We transformed our office into a streamlined paperless machine after a decade of spearheading class actions and multi-district complex litigation. We had thousands of hard files, hundreds of binders and countless paper clips. It was scary, daunting even, and we didn’t know where to start. Then, one day, with a little help from some friends, we made the decision to tackle it … and we succeeded. It’s a commitment to go paperless and totally worth it.

In 2016, we completed the Marie Kondo “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” process. No lie – it was rough. Moral support, drive and a new appreciation for our life and space and belongings helped keep the pace. Now, we walk into our office and it’s like a whole new world. If you’re even remotely thinking of reading the book, much less completing the “KonMari” process, and you don’t have someone to lean on, we are the help you’re looking for. Each day, we make a new commitment to keep a paperless, de-cluttered life – at home and at the office – and it’s still totally worth it.

The term “paperless” is a misnomer. Most people believe “paperless” means “zero” paper, but actually, it means less paper. Going paperless is about efficiently managing your time, your life, your office. Properly executed, the process can lead to a better bottom line. Organization is about having a place for something, knowing where that something is and best of all – not wasting time trying to find it. Organization brings efficiency, and efficiency can give you your life back. If time is money, why throw it away? There’s a better way – trust us.

  • Imagine feeling in charge of your time, your schedule, your things.
  • Imagine taking control of your life again.
  • Imagine having to evacuate for a hurricane and all you have to take with you is a backup drive and maybe a few key papers or an armful of special mementos.
  • Imagine knowing exactly where a document is, pulling it up on your computer in just a few seconds and eliminating the need for your assistant or colleague to pull it — all while you’re on a conference call.
  • Lawyers, imagine having the upper hand with your opponents in court, bringing up and printing documents they reference swiftly, easily and seamlessly, entering those into evidence, all while they’re still bumbling through their files.

Show everyone that you have it together and that you’re prepared.
Better yet, show yourself you can live your life again – for you and your happiness.
Let us help you get there!


All sessions are available for owners and employees of businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits and yes, even individuals who fall outside of these categories.

We take you where you are, meet with you and then create a plan of attack – together.

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